Imanova Limited United Kingdom

Imanova is a world- leading expert in imaging sciences and their application to the understanding of disease and translational drug development. Our industry expertise and extensive links with clinicians and scientists in academia provide unrivalled capabilities to facilitate drug development.

Imanova has the state-of-the-art technology and skills to provide companies with quantitative data to accurately predict the effectiveness of a drug within human earlier within the drug development process, ensuring the resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Our services include the development of novel Imaging Biomarkers, Clinical Imaging Services (PET and MRI), Preclinical Imaging Services, Analysis and Consultancy Services.  We have the knowledge, experience and the expertise to provide end-to-end support to clients and collaborators.

Mr Ian Hallett
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Dr Kevin Cox
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Karma Oncology Limited United Kingdom

Karma Oncology is an oncology specialised contract clinical research company providing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. While specialised in oncology, we have expertise in many other therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, respiratory and female health amongst others. However, our service remains the same regardless of the therapeutic area – bespoke, flexible and innovative; where knowledge, commitment and communication are fundamental. 

Our services include clinical development planning, clinical trial protocol design & preparation, site selection, regulatory submissions, trial execution and reporting. Our team of experts is based across Western and Eastern Europe. All team members have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their respective role. We have been successfully partnering with companies with products in the late pre-clinical/early clinical phase of development since the company was established.

Dr Karen J. Williams
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Manchester Science Partnerships United Kingdom

Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP) is home to a unique community of scientists, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs and actively supports companies in the science, technology and innovation-driven sectors. Putting collaboration first and providing access to specialist finance, talent, markets, networks and investors enables MSP to support the acceleration of business growth through innovation.  

MSP’s unique partnerships across the science and technology sectors include The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT), Manchester City Council, Northern Health Science Alliance, Health Innovation Manchester, N8 and industry bodies such as BioNow and the BIA.

As the UK’s leading science and technology park operator, with five campuses across North West England including Alderley Park in Cheshire, MSP is home to more than 300 high growth businesses and offers  everything from specialist incubation centres to bespoke build laboratories and international centres of R&D excellence.

It is our unique approach and unrivalled connections that enable companies in the MSP community to survive, grow, and thrive better than the local or national average – turning great ideas into commercial reality.

Dr Neil Jones
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MediWales is the life science network and representative body for Wales.
An independent, not-for-profit organisation that is owned by its members, MediWales provides advice, support, business opportunities and promotes collaborations for the life science and health technology community in Wales.

MediWales delivers an extensive events programme, including the UK HealthTech conference and the MediWales Innovation Awards and produces a number of publications including UK Lifescience Industry magazine, the Annual Directory and Review, and case study magazine LifeStories. MediWales promotes and supports its members in Wales, across the UK and internationally. 

MGB Biopharma Ltd United Kingdom

MGB Biopharma is a private company based in Glasgow, Scotland and is backed by a syndicate of Scotland’s leading angel investor groups together with Scottish Enterprise. Antimicrobial drug resistance is recognised as a global public health concern with an urgent need for new antibacterial drug classes that are more effective than existing treatments. MGB is developing the first truly novel class of anti-infectives in over a decade that has the potential to treat infections of a number of the most important susceptible and resistant pathogens.

Our lead compound has shown strong bactericidal activity with quick onset of action against many strains of Gram-positive bacteria. It has completed pre-clinical development and progress into our phase 1 clinical study for the treatment of Clostridium difficile have been endorsed by the MHRA. Optimisation of a new formulation for intravenous administration and treatment of systemic Gram-positive infection is ongoing.

 MGB has acquired exclusive rights to the proprietary minor groove binder platform, developed at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. This platform provides an opportunity to develop additional compounds with the potential to treat Gram-negative, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. MGB continues to work closely with Strathclyde University to develop the pipeline and is currently seeking partners to help maximise the value-creating opportunities from its broad platform.

Dr Miroslav Ravic
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Mr Raymond Spencer
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Orla Protein Technologies Ltd United Kingdom

Orla Protein Technologies is a leader in recombinant protein design, engineering and manufacture, particularly for surface applications.

We provide patented technology, products and bespoke contract services to companies and researchers for a wide range of Life Science applications such as bioanalytical devices, cell culture, bioseparations, and assay development. Our patented protein engineering platform, OrlaSURF, enables the creation of highly oriented and functional protein surfaces on a wide range of materials and formats such as plastic plates and microcarriers, glass slides, and gold biochips and nanoparticles. We offer bespoke contract protein design, expression and manufacture of proteins and protein surfaces.

We welcome partners for access to our proprietary protein technology and expertise. We aim to help partners expand their product range, improve processes, accelerate product development and ultimately deliver added value. We are open to opportunities for out-licensing, collaboration, investment, acquisition and full-service customisation projects.

Dr Dale Athey
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Ms Cornelia Wernhart
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Oxford Genetics United Kingdom

Oxford Genetics is a specialist synthetic biology company based in Oxford, United Kingdom, and our goal is to accelerate the discovery, development and production of proteins, antibodies, viruses and bio-therapeutics (biologics, gene/cell therapies) through the application of synthetic biology.  We are focused on providing DNA, protein, virus and cell line solutions for mammalian expression and bio-production.  From DNA design/synthesis, through antibody development, and using vectors to produce proteins/antibodies/viruses on the backend, Oxford Genetics delivers. Our team pride themselves on understanding the biological purpose of our customer’s projects, and work hand-in-hand to design, construct and validate the systems needed, providing a complete synthetic biology solution from design to delivery.  

Mr Tom Speedy
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Scottish Development International United Kingdom

Scottish Development International offers free and confidential support to foreign companies who would like to identify commercial, clinical or academic partners in Scotland. SDI can also offer a wide range of investor support services for companies expanding in Europe.

The Scottish Life Sciences sector consists of over 650 organisations employing over 32,500 people with particular strengths in cell and gene therapy, pharmaceutical services, digital health and clinical translational medicine.

Scotland has a strong cluster of expert, innovative and ambitious companies delivering outsourcing solutions for biopharmaceutical companies globally.  This includes both multi-national and niche CROs, innovative drug delivery and formulation specialists and manufacturing services that span drug development.

Scotland is also in the top three centres for drug discovery and development in the UK and has a streamlined process for establishing clinical trials with fast approval times.

Mrs Emily Lekkas
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Ms Katharina Kraehahn
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Sekisui has been a leader in the manufacturing of high quality enzymes and specialist biochemicals to the global healthcare market for over 40 years. We have worked with many global partners to supply high quality materials for a variety of applications, including enzymes for bio-therapeutic manufacture, pharmaceutical production, clinical chemistry reagents, point-of-care / biosensor devices. We offer a process development, fermentation and purification competency.

 Sekisui is seeking to connect with Bio-Pharma Companies or Developers requiring contract manufacturing services, including process development or scale up where required. Our expertise resides in the manufacture of enzymes, proteins, or antibodies based on microbial fermentation.

 Further, we are seeking partners in contract manufacturing and with contract research organizations in the area of enzyme / protein development and manufacture for the Bio-Pharma sector.


Stratophase is a biotech services company that is revolutionising the timelines to clinic and commercialisation for biologics. We do this by rapidly optimising biomanufacturing processes using our Ranger technology to dynamically control the bioreactor environment in real time. Our Ranger® service and technology provide an innovative approach to bioreactor culture optimisation based on in-line, continuous assessment of the metabolic activity of the cell culture combined with a well established Probing Control Strategy.

 Ranger uses Adaptive Bioprocess Control to find and maintain optimal conditions that may vary over time during the manufacturing process. To do this we use our patented technology, combined with Stratophase’s extensive application expertise gained from over 300 customer processes and collaborations with industry-leading biopharma innovators, including GSK and Pfizer.

 Ranger's adaptive and dynamic feed on demand capability, based on the metabolic demands of the bioreactor culture, is used to rapidly optimise the bioreactor process with either single or multi-component feed strategies, as demonstrated with our recently announced collaboration with Merck. The adaptive and scale-independent capability of Ranger delivers significant advantages to batch, fed batch and continuous manufacturing strategies, as well as autologous and allogeneic cell therapy processes.