Tailored Clinical Research Solutions United Kingdom

TCRS is a Clinical Research Organisation that provides a full range of clinical development services to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology organisations and university academics. 

Created by a team of senior academic hospital researchers, we offer a highly developed network of contacts and working relationships within the UK healthcare system.

Our combination of clinical development expertise and in-depth knowledge of investor requirements makes us ideally placed to support clients in formulating and delivering their clinical development plans.

With a network of Senior CRAs and Project Managers across Europe, and strategic partners in the USA and Australia, we provide global reach coupled with a lean and highly cost effective infrastructure.

Whether you are seeking full support for every aspect of your clinical development programme or are looking to outsource just one part of a study we bring a customer focus that complements our in-depth knowledge.

TCRS offers flexibility, momentum and value.

Dr Peter Maclennan
Chief Operating Officer