Orla Protein Technologies Ltd United Kingdom

Orla Protein Technologies is a leader in recombinant protein design, engineering and manufacture, particularly for surface applications.

We provide patented technology, products and bespoke contract services to companies and researchers for a wide range of Life Science applications such as bioanalytical devices, cell culture, bioseparations, and assay development. Our patented protein engineering platform, OrlaSURF, enables the creation of highly oriented and functional protein surfaces on a wide range of materials and formats such as plastic plates and microcarriers, glass slides, and gold biochips and nanoparticles. We offer bespoke contract protein design, expression and manufacture of proteins and protein surfaces.

We welcome partners for access to our proprietary protein technology and expertise. We aim to help partners expand their product range, improve processes, accelerate product development and ultimately deliver added value. We are open to opportunities for out-licensing, collaboration, investment, acquisition and full-service customisation projects.

Dr Dale Athey
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Ms Cornelia Wernhart
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Oxford Genetics United Kingdom

Oxford Genetics is a specialist synthetic biology company based in Oxford, United Kingdom, and our goal is to accelerate the discovery, development and production of proteins, antibodies, viruses and bio-therapeutics (biologics, gene/cell therapies) through the application of synthetic biology.  We are focused on providing DNA, protein, virus and cell line solutions for mammalian expression and bio-production.  From DNA design/synthesis, through antibody development, and using vectors to produce proteins/antibodies/viruses on the backend, Oxford Genetics delivers. Our team pride themselves on understanding the biological purpose of our customer’s projects, and work hand-in-hand to design, construct and validate the systems needed, providing a complete synthetic biology solution from design to delivery.  

Mr Tom Speedy
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