Aptus Clinical Ltd United Kingdom

Aptus Clinical is a specialist UK- based oncology clinical research organisation which helps life science companies to optimise their clinical development strategies and effectively transform promising molecules into valued medicines.

What makes Aptus Clinical different is our flexibility – our clients benefit from our network of highly experienced and skilled experts from all technical disciplines, but only pay for what they need, when they need it. Our scientists have global expertise in all aspects of drug development so no challenge is too great, and being highly professional, they integrate seamlessly into a client organisation. This gives our clients all the benefits of an in-house clinical department, but at 
a significantly lower cost. In addition, our well-established relationships with some of the world’s leading experimental cancer centres, access to large patient populations and flexible arrangements to support optimal project delivery are just a few of the benefits to be gained from working with Aptus Clinical. 

Whether you need one-off consultancy support, clinical SOP implementation, expert medical or scientific input on a short or long term basis, or a full trial programme, we’d love to hear from you. 

Steve McConchie
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Concept Life Sciences United Kingdom

Concept Life Sciences is a knowledge based, science led business focused on delivering the expertise and capabilities our clients demand. We are a European based contract research organisation of over 600 scientists providing drug discovery, development and analytical services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients globally. We can collaborate across all areas of your discovery and development programme as you progress from first concept to the launch of a finished product. Our highly trained scientists will provide support every step of the way from target to lead, lead to candidate and candidate to development.

In discovery research, we provide expert services as individual elements or as a fully integrated discovery project delivering pre-clinical candidates. Our scientists are experienced in complex chemistry (synthesis), pharmacology and pathways analysis. By ensuring our medicinal chemists, our computational chemistry team, our synthetic chemistry and in vitro biology/ADMET departments are always working in step with each other we can accelerate the testing cycle.

Moving through drug development and launch we have one of the widest ranges of analytical equipment available in Europe with specialist materials characterisation, chromatographic and spectroscopic services. Our pre-nomination support package covers comprehensive API characterisation, solubility/permeability/bioavailability determination and pre-formulation screening (excipient/salt/polymorph/crystallisation). We also have API processing capability including lyophilisation and micronisation services. We offer short and long term ICH stability studies, release testing and CMC support. Where required our services are cGMP certified. 

In addition, you can trust us to solve issues relating to the safety of compounds or selection of research candidates. We are experts in investigative and mechanistic toxicology, exploratory and discovery toxicology, PK and metabolism and dermal absorption.

Mr Gordon Woodrow
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Simon Bristow

Imanova Limited United Kingdom

Imanova is a world- leading expert in imaging sciences and their application to the understanding of disease and translational drug development. Our industry expertise and extensive links with clinicians and scientists in academia provide unrivalled capabilities to facilitate drug development.

Imanova has the state-of-the-art technology and skills to provide companies with quantitative data to accurately predict the effectiveness of a drug within human earlier within the drug development process, ensuring the resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Our services include the development of novel Imaging Biomarkers, Clinical Imaging Services (PET and MRI), Preclinical Imaging Services, Analysis and Consultancy Services.  We have the knowledge, experience and the expertise to provide end-to-end support to clients and collaborators.

Mr Ian Hallett
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Dr Kevin Cox
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Karma Oncology Limited United Kingdom

Karma Oncology is an oncology specialised contract clinical research company providing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. While specialised in oncology, we have expertise in many other therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, respiratory and female health amongst others. However, our service remains the same regardless of the therapeutic area – bespoke, flexible and innovative; where knowledge, commitment and communication are fundamental. 

Our services include clinical development planning, clinical trial protocol design & preparation, site selection, regulatory submissions, trial execution and reporting. Our team of experts is based across Western and Eastern Europe. All team members have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their respective role. We have been successfully partnering with companies with products in the late pre-clinical/early clinical phase of development since the company was established.

Dr Karen J. Williams
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Orla Protein Technologies Ltd United Kingdom

Orla Protein Technologies is a leader in recombinant protein design, engineering and manufacture, particularly for surface applications.

We provide patented technology, products and bespoke contract services to companies and researchers for a wide range of Life Science applications such as bioanalytical devices, cell culture, bioseparations, and assay development. Our patented protein engineering platform, OrlaSURF, enables the creation of highly oriented and functional protein surfaces on a wide range of materials and formats such as plastic plates and microcarriers, glass slides, and gold biochips and nanoparticles. We offer bespoke contract protein design, expression and manufacture of proteins and protein surfaces.

We welcome partners for access to our proprietary protein technology and expertise. We aim to help partners expand their product range, improve processes, accelerate product development and ultimately deliver added value. We are open to opportunities for out-licensing, collaboration, investment, acquisition and full-service customisation projects.

Dr Dale Athey
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Ms Cornelia Wernhart
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Oxford Genetics United Kingdom

Oxford Genetics is a specialist synthetic biology company based in Oxford, United Kingdom, and our goal is to accelerate the discovery, development and production of proteins, antibodies, viruses and bio-therapeutics (biologics, gene/cell therapies) through the application of synthetic biology.  We are focused on providing DNA, protein, virus and cell line solutions for mammalian expression and bio-production.  From DNA design/synthesis, through antibody development, and using vectors to produce proteins/antibodies/viruses on the backend, Oxford Genetics delivers. Our team pride themselves on understanding the biological purpose of our customer’s projects, and work hand-in-hand to design, construct and validate the systems needed, providing a complete synthetic biology solution from design to delivery.  

Mr Tom Speedy
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