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Concept Life Sciences is a knowledge based, science led business focused on delivering the expertise and capabilities our clients demand. We are a European based contract research organisation of over 600 scientists providing drug discovery, development and analytical services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients globally. We can collaborate across all areas of your discovery and development programme as you progress from first concept to the launch of a finished product. Our highly trained scientists will provide support every step of the way from target to lead, lead to candidate and candidate to development.

In discovery research, we provide expert services as individual elements or as a fully integrated discovery project delivering pre-clinical candidates. Our scientists are experienced in complex chemistry (synthesis), pharmacology and pathways analysis. By ensuring our medicinal chemists, our computational chemistry team, our synthetic chemistry and in vitro biology/ADMET departments are always working in step with each other we can accelerate the testing cycle.

Moving through drug development and launch we have one of the widest ranges of analytical equipment available in Europe with specialist materials characterisation, chromatographic and spectroscopic services. Our pre-nomination support package covers comprehensive API characterisation, solubility/permeability/bioavailability determination and pre-formulation screening (excipient/salt/polymorph/crystallisation). We also have API processing capability including lyophilisation and micronisation services. We offer short and long term ICH stability studies, release testing and CMC support. Where required our services are cGMP certified. 

In addition, you can trust us to solve issues relating to the safety of compounds or selection of research candidates. We are experts in investigative and mechanistic toxicology, exploratory and discovery toxicology, PK and metabolism and dermal absorption.

Mr Gordon Woodrow
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Simon Bristow

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services is a global, privately held, full-service contract research organization (CRO), delivering a complete spectrum of clinical trial and consulting services throughout the lifecycle of development, from concept to commercialization. CTI’s focused therapeutic approach provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms with clinical and disease area expertise in rare diseases, regenerative medicine/gene therapy, immunology, transplantation, nephrology, hematology/oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, hepatology, cardiopulmonary, and pediatric populations. 

CTI also offers a fully integrated multi-specialty clinical research site that conducts phase I-IV trials. CTI has a passion for helping life-changing therapies succeed in chronically and critically ill patient populations. With clinical trial experience across 6 continents, CTI partners with research sites, patients, and sponsors to fulfill unmet medical needs. CTI is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, with operations across North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.